I love this series way too much.

There are SO many many more of these to come. I’m giving everyone here on tumblr the first sneak peak of the shoots before they go to DA. See, we originally did a shoot at Fanime but then decided that we didn’t get all that we wanted and did ANOTHER shoot a week or two later in LA. So… we have a lot of photos we’re going to throw up at some point.

It’s Dean and Cas and Dinah (Deanna?) and Castielle. The boys plus the genderbent girls! We mixed and matched as much as you can with 4 people and, as mentioned previously, you’ll see more of that later.

Yes, we also had a Sam and a Samantha as well as a Ruby, Fem!Bobby (Bobbette? lmfao) and Fem!Chuck (Chuckina XD lol). I think Chuckina was probably my favorite for a LIST of effing reasons.

Anyway! My female Cas and Female Dean designs were based on the beautiful work of Lalalettie. I, a long time ago, asked her if she’d mind me basing a fem!Cas outfit off of her work and the moment she agreed, I went to work :D! It helps that all four of us live together and were able to closely design our costumes off of one another. Trench coat color and specific Dean outfit, that is lol.

Omg… the best part about making this? I got to rip apart a trench coat and reconstruct it XD! That was so much effing fun!!!!

Anyway! Send Lalalettie some serious love for all her fantastic work!

Dean by Alcblueyes
Fem!Dean/ Deanna by Supernovadobe
Castiel by Admantius
Fem!Cas/Castielle by ME
Fem!Bobby by Meredish

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