Fundraiser: Signed Prints for Sale?

Hey everyone! Naru and I are in a bit of a pickle this holiday season. Our car needs some serious repairs done before we can really drive anywhere major and we had really wanted to visit out of state family for Christmas.

We need to raise about $200 for everything to get fixed, so we decided to do a fundraiser by selling Signed 4x6 prints of anything in either of our galleries.

The 4x6 are $5 with $2 shipping and handling. The more prints you get, the shipping stays the same so get as many as you like at $5 a print :3!

How does this work?

Here are the steps:

1. Have at both of our galleries on DA.

2. Decide which picture/s you like best.
3. Send us an email here: with the following info:

  • link/s to the picture of your choice.
  • Your name and address of which we can mail pictures to.

4. From there we’ll give you our paypal and confirmation of your order.
5. Send the correct amount to the paypal email given to you in your confirmation order.
6. Be excited when your signed print arrives :D!

The fundraiser will be open for 1 week. At the end of this 7 day special, all sales will close and we’ll mail out all prints requested.


Sample Email 1 should look like the following:

Hi! I would like the following two prints:

My name and address is:

Sarah Awesomeperson
1111 Cool Kid Lane
Wherever, CA 92000

Thank you!


Your return email will look like this:

OMG thank you for helping us with the fundraiser! You’re so awesome ^^!

Our paypal is:

Please send $12 and we’ll prepare your order!


Then you wait. It’s as simple as that.

So thank you to everyone who is willing to help us fix our car, we super appreciate it!!!!!

Raven & Cyril Winter <3

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