Oh. My. God. This. Wig.

This has, by far, been one of my biggest challenges to date. The commissioner sent me a wig she had been working on which, thank god, it was a beautiful beautiful base from Epic Wig. I wont lie, they sell some of the nicest wigs ever (they’re just typically too expensive for me to buy from). Also, props to the commissioner for even attempting this challenging of a wig so bravely. Seriously, fearless.

So I clean up the wig which was a little difficult because gel can be a huge pain in the ass to get out of wigs once it’s in there. But, being that this is an epic wig and the commissioner sent me the wig before she got very far, it all came out pretty well for the most part. There was just some bumpiness I couldn’t seem to heat wash out of the top of the wig.

Anyway! Then I set to work on the curls.

Now… I started with the typical Big Drill Wig tutorials which include: tape, glue, wire and half your soul.

This only sort of worked.

Actually… it mostly didn’t work at all because the curls kept coming undone and the look was rough at best. Not something I could be proud of even a little. About 5 curls in (and this took me weeks to do) I decided that I HAD to do something else because this just wasn’t working and there was no way I could hand over a commission looking like this.

So, I went boldly in another direction; one in which I had gleaned from a blurry scan of a magazine page about princess curls. Obviously, I promised the Cosplay Gods a pint of blood if it meant that this wouldn’t ruin the wig. What did I do? I used clear, fast drying, calking silicone. Seriously… imagine my trepidation.

If this had been MY wig? No worries. But this was a NICE wig from a Commissioner which meant… NO room for fatal errors.

To my surprise, it worked beautifully.

And then to my great sorrow, I realized I had to brush out the other five curls that had taken me weeks to do.

I did it and cried the whole time. On the up side, the silicone process took less time to do and I managed to get two or three curls a day done.


And in the end… the first picture is the finished project. Please enjoy it. Please?

And reblog just so I can feel better while I recover from that pint of blood loss. lol



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